How I Am Keeping My New Year's Resolution

I made the promise to myself that I would get fit in 2008. To help me keep my resolution I am going to attend an event with David Kirsch this weekend in NYC. I think it is going to be a filled with great tips and advice about staying fit and healthy....

All Your Fitness Answers!

For those of you curious about fitness, diet, saunas, ab workouts, supplements and much much more, go to . I had some questions myself and thay had some great info on there that i have already started using in my personal...

How do YOU stick to your PLAN??/

I can't ...try as I might....stick to a fitness plan. I try do it at home...with a friend...I would like to get a gym membership but I can't afford one. I need advice. How can I incorporate a plan that works into my daily schedule. I'm not trying to...

Hip Hop Abs

[FONT="Verdana"][COLOR="Black"]Hey, Anyone out there using hip hop abs as a way of getting toned up?[/COLOR][/FONT]

TAPAS/ EFT Techniques?

Just wondering how many (if any) have heard of, or even used Meridian Psychotherapy, also known as EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques or TAPAS Therapy? If anyone has tried it or uses it, What do you think of it?